1998 Queries May - August

Jon Gallock 31 August 1998

I'm trying to locate burial place of dr. Henry Homer Hall. According to records, Dr. Hall's remains are at Riverside Cemetery, Lot 3, sec. 21. I can't find a listing for this cemetery; I was told it may border Douglas Co. I am also looking for Dr. Hall's son, Charles H. Hall and his wife Louise. Dr. Hall's burial was on 11 May 1954. His DOD was May 1953. Any help or assistance would be very helpful. Thanks. COMMENTS: There is a Riverside Cemetery located in NW 1/4 NW 1/4, Sec. 24, T130, R42 (Pomme de Terre Township) in Grant Co. It is more likely that Dr. Clark is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in St. Paul since the funeral took place in St. Paul after the remains were returned to there from Wyoming.

Roger Ekman30 August 1998 

Seeking info or descendants of Fred and Myrtle NELSON who lived in or near Alexandria in 1911. They had a daughter, Francis, who was entering the 4th grade in Sept. 1911. This info obtained from post cards sent by my uncle who visited them in August 1911. Thanks.

Janet Aunan 22 August 1998 

Still searching for Gunder Nilsen EGGEN, b. 29 Sep 1851 Alstadhaug Skogn Norway, son of Nils Peter GUNDERSEN of Verdal Norway. Marr. (Ellen) Kristina ANDERS (ERICKSON?) 24 Jun at Micvkelgard Morsil Sweden. Two children b.Sweden: August Arfwid (Arvid) 1878 and Karolina Matilda 1879. They immigrated to Alexandria, Douglas Co., MN 3 May 1881. Then to west coast about 1912; possibly had 10 children. People emigrating from Jemtland to Alexandria with Gunder EGGEN: Jon ERIKSSON, Martin JANSSON, Jon JANSSON, Olaf OLSSON, Lars OLSSON, Ole OLSSON, Torstein OLESEN, Gunder NILSSON (?), Nils DANIELSSON & Karen, Daniel and Gjertrud DANIELSSON. On next boat, same year: Jon ANDERSSON, Kjerstine ANDERSSON, Martha SALAMONSON, hans ARANSEN, Ole KLAUSSON, Margrethe PEDERSEN, Anna JONSSON, August LARSSON. I have searched for years for this family. Did he go by EGGEN or NILSSEN (NELSON)??

Markaye Bleth 20 August 1998 

Searching for information on the LARSON family who farmed near Alexandria in the early 1900's. They had four children: two boys and two girls. One daughter, Marvel Cecelia, married John F. BENSON in the 1930's and they had 7 children. Am searching for first names and dates of birth/death of the Larson family parents and three other children and the first names and dates of birth of the seven Benson children. Pleae email me if you have any connecting information about either family. Thank you.

Stephen Goertzen 19 August 1998

Looking for any information on the BUSCH family, one of the forenames names being Oscar. My sources indicate he purchaed a farm in Hudson Twsp/Alexandria about 1913/14 which was then sold in 1926. Oscar was probably the buyer of the farm and he would have been accoompanied by his wife Caroline, his mother (name unknown), and some children. Thank you.

Laura Oglesby 13 August 1998 

Looking for information on Lyman OGLESBY who married a girl named Laura and had a daughter named Flossie and three sons named Leonard, Vedtor, and Vernon. Vernon had a son named Bill and 2 daughters named Marilin and Barbara. I would like to find my cousins so that I may learn more about my grandparents and their decendants. Thanks.

COMMENTS: obits located and sent by DCGS along with some birth and marriage records located in Douglas and Todd Counties.

Genelle Rogers 13 August 1998 

Looking for information on my great-grandparents, Christian P. LARSON and Corolina IVERSON Larson from Denmark. They settled in Osakis area in 1870. Any information on them or their 10 children would be appreciated.

Randy Peterson 10 August 1998 

I am searching for any information on the Ole LIND family - LaGrand Township. They moved to Douglas County around 1912 from Cokato, MN. I have some info on them but still looking for more.

Lisa Stitt 10 August 1998

Searching for Gunder/Gunnar Nils(s)en EGGEN, a Norwegian who emigrated from Norway via Sweden to America, arriving in Alexandria 3 May 1881. He was b. 29 Sep 1851, moved to Morsil, Sweden in 1876, and marr. 24 Jun 1878 in Jaemtland, Sweden to (Ellen?) Kristina/Christina ANDERSDOTTER, b. 25 Mar 1854. A family book in Sweden lists Gunder as Gunnar NILSSON. Kristina and their two children, August Arvid and Karolina Mathilda (b. 11 Mar 1879) arrived in 1882. Port or entry and surname they traveled under is unknown. Gunnar and Kristina had 8 children born in the USA. We know the names of 3: Marie, b. 1881 in Alexandria, d. 1941; Lena, b. 1881 in Alexandria, d. 1975?; Anna, b. 1883 in Alexandria, d. 1963?. There is some indication that Gunnar may have moved to the west coast and died (in CA?) in 1912. Do any of these names/dates ring a bell for anyone?

Shane Ahlers 7 August 1998 

Looking for information on Peter ALLERS, b. Jan 1900.

COMMENTS: Information located and researched by Douglas County Genealogical Society

Claudia Kerens 3 August 1998

I am looking for any information about the KERENS family. Thomas and Elizabeth KERENS immigrated from Ireland, ending up in IA prior to the Civil War. Looking for information on Robert Richard KERENS, grandson of Thomas/Elizabeth through their son R.C. COMMENTS: nothing found on the surname KERENS.

Merle Price  27 July 1998 

Searching for the family of John Andrew FRANKLIN, b. Jul 1867. Married at Alexandria 18 Dec 1887 to Lillian Jane SOUTH, b. 7 Jul 1772, d. 3 Feb 1901 at Alexandria. They had three children that I know of, all born in Douglas County: Leon Leslie FRANKLIN, b. 29 May 1990, Sadie May FRANKLIN, b. 24 May 1901, Cora A. FRANKLIN, b. Jul 1895. I am hoping they all stayed in Douglas Co., MN

Susan Lawrence 23 July 1998 

I am looking for any information on Bendix SKATTEBO and his wife Sigri HOISTRUTIL. Bendix was born in Ostre Slidre, Norway and lived for many years with his wife in Alexandria. He died in the early 1900's and is buried next to Sigri in Solem Lutheran Cemetery. Sigri died in 1873 at the age of 33-34. If possible, I would like to obtain death certificates or any other information. I don't know where Sigri is from or if they had any other family besides their son Ole B. OLSON, my great grandfather. Thank you.

Update sent by submitter 14 Oct 1998: Bendix and Sigri were from the Valdres area of Oppland, Norway. Sigri was the daughter of Tosten Christensen and Seborg Knudsdttr.

Charles Humes 7 August 1998 

I am researching the surname HUMES. Silas HUMES lived in Lake Mary Twsp from about 1865 - 1920. He was first married to Sarah A. ____ and then to Laura ______. He later lived in Alexandria. He had children; Alson F., Abraham, George H., Cora E., Charles, Eugene, and Leon.

name unknown 20 July 1998 

I am looking for any information, including cemetery he may be buried in, for August COBERT, b. 19 Jul 1857 in Flanders, Belgium and died 9 Oct 1925 in Orange Township, Douglas Co., MN. He marred Julia VERDIGEM who is probably buried at the same cemetery.

Janelle Peterson 8 July 1998 

Researching Ludwig Wilhem CORDES and family. Information reveals he died in LaGrand Twsp, Douglas Co., MN 19 Jul 1913, buried in Hudson Cemetery. Wife was Henrietta Hoefer Cordes who died 16 Mar 1916, also in LaGrand Twsp and buried in Hudson Cemetery. Eleven children: Anna W., Hermann Frederich, Sophia Wilhelmine Augustia, Henrietta Annia Catherina, Mary Amelia, Annia May, Henry Ludwig Wilhelm, Mary Anstennia Wilhelmina, Franklin Albert August,Helen Amelia Carlin and Otto Herman John Cordes. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. COMMENTS: Family researched and information sent by Douglas County Genealogical Society.

Jeanette Kennedy 27 June 1998 

William H. HUTCHINSON and wife Betsey Ann WESTCOTT lived in Alexandria area 1876-1887 and 1898-1901. Kids: Charles Ira, William H., Carrie, Wilber Emmet, Earl R., Ida B.

COMMENTS: Information located and researched by Douglas County Genealogical Society.

Doris Raisanen 22 June 1998 

Looking for information on Axel KANGAS. His father was Jacob KANGAS; his mother was Wilhelmina WETTANEN or ADAMSON, daughter of Adam.

COMMENTS: Information located and researched by Douglas County Genealogical Society.

Sandra Ohren 22 June 1998 

Looking for information on Carl ALSTEDT (possibly ALSTAD) who died in Douglas Co. 28 Apr 1926. Is an obituary available? Would also appreciate any other information. COMMENTS: DCGS researches located obits for Carl and his wife plus additional information.

Shannon Anderson 20 June 1998 

Any information appreciated, especially stories - all Queries welcome! I have both lines to present, some older history to share, and want to improve sideline information. My collection is my work, plus the talent sof 2 gifted people. ELLIS/ANDERSON from the Kensington area of Douglas Co. Earl Percy ELLIS (1891-1973) m. Bertha Mae BENNETT (1892-1973). John H. Elmer ANDERSON (1890-1964) m. Evangeline Eleanor OLSEN/OLSON (1909-1962). John ANDERSON'S siblings include Peter Adolf ANDERSON (1886-1971), Andy George ANDERSN (b.1888), Mary Christina ANDERSON (1893-1962), Olaf/Emil ANDERSON (1893-1975), Carl/Victor ANDERSON (1897-1988).

Dorothy Spriester 15 June 1998 

Would like the name of cemetery where Carl ZINTER and Friederca Carolina LIRSCH buried. They were married at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in 1892 and lived in Miltona Twsp most of their lives. Thanks. COMMENTS: DCGS researches located Carl Zinter buriel at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Miltona Township. His wife's name does not appear on the burial records there. Neither of their deaths are recorded in Douglas County.

Joyce Watson 13 June 1998

Looking for a copy of a Sibell family history thought to be written by Gene Sibell.

Sheryle Jarvi 13 June 1998

My grandfather Claud SHERIN had 3 brothers that left home when they were young men and no one has ever heard from them. The brothers are: Peter (b. 27 Sep 1888), Joseph Leonard (b. 1897), and James John (b. 1891).

Karen Anderson 10 June 1998

Looking for a place to write or call to get a copy of both birth and death certificates for my grandmother and grandfather: Katherine Anderson, b. at Chaska,MN 23 Nov 1886 and Nels Christian Andersen, b. approx. 20 March 1885 in Nelson, MN. Katherine died 27 Oct 1958 at Alexandria. Nels died in 1929 at Osakis. COMMENTS: Copies of birth and death records can be obtained from the County Recorder, Douglas Co. Court House, Alexandria, MN 56308. There is a fee for each. Researchers from the DCGS located the birth record for Nels and the death records for both Nels and Katherine. Information sent to query submitter.

Steve Grosenick 1 June 1998

Any information regarding Henry GROSENICK or Ida FROEMMING Grosenick. Lived in Leaf Valley and Garfield area of Douglas County. COMMENTS: Information located by volunteer researchers of Douglas County Genealogical Society.

Melissa Wain 21 May 1998

I am looking for any news articles or marriage license applications, and/or wedding announcements on a relative of mine who was last known to be living in Alexandria. Her name is Yvonne June Karasek, dob 3/6/70. I would appreciate any info.

Carla Summer 16 May 1998

RHODES, Florence Evangeline (daugh. of Riley RHODES & Frelove WELCH) marr. Andrew PORTER 16 Nov 1910, Alexandria. She also married Andrew's brother, Alexander PORTER. Alexander was also married to Jennie RICE. Alexandria and Andrew were born to Samuel PORTER and Lucinda (JOHNSON) Porter. ANY info on any of these individuals would be warmly welcomed. Jennie Rice especially, as I have close to no info on her. She is my great-grandmother.

name unknown 13 May 1998

I wish any or all information on Earl BYERS or his family.

Olivia Holt 12 May 1998

Looking for information on Robert Partridge and wife Elizabeth. I have reason to believe they may have moved to Douglas County after 1865. I am interested in finding our the year of their births, where Elizabeth was born, and the names of their children. Any help would be appreciated.

Larry Peterson 4 May 1998

I am seeking information on the ENGSTRAND/ENGSTRAN family from Spruce Hill Twsp who are related to me. I have also been assisting a friend, Jean Ilgenfritz, on her family in Solem and Holmes City Townships. These names are HALVARSON, OLSON, ROSE, OSTERBERG, CHRISTOPHER, and SARSLAND. We would be interested in hearing from fellow researchers. Thank you.

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