Douglas County Queries

We invite you to enter a query for your Douglas County ancestors. Your query must have a Douglas County connection to be posted here. An e-mail reply will be sent to the submitter to verify receipt of the query.

All of our research is done on a volunteer basis by experienced researchers who are members of the Douglas County Genealogical Society. There is NO charge for the research but we do appreciate any and all donations to our DCGS; these donations are used exclusively for purchase of additional research materials for the library with our current project being the purchase of the 1880 Soundex for MN.

The volunteer in charge of our web site relocated to Kentucky in January, 1999. Due to moving, a new job, etc., the additions to the Query page have not been kept up-to-date. Rest assured that the queries ARE being researched and communications are being made to the query submitters in a timely manner by the the volunteers in Douglas County. Please continue to submit queries, even if we are unable to keep the list up-to-date on the web site.

PLEASE enter the all surnames in all capital letters. Be as specific as possible in your request.

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